About us

Sweet Rendez-vous Patisserie (AKA Sweetrdv) is a family business run by Amandine Salvi (Head Chef Patissiere) and Andrew Ardino. They love nothing more than sharing the pleasures of French cuisine with the rest of the world, which is exactly the reason why they created Sweetrdv.

Chef Pâtissière
Amandine Salvi fell in love with French patisserie when she was only a little girl growing up in the French countryside of Isère, near the French Alps. She loved the artistic and creative side to patisserie, as well as watching people share and enjoy her creations. She starting cooking traditional recipes with her mum from a young age and began her professional training in patisserie in France when she was 19 years old. Amandine now calls Australia home and from their base in Sydney's Northern beaches she “bring's to the table” a blend of traditional French recipes and contemporary patisserie.